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Rent a Safety Advisor

Course Cancellation Policy 

To be eligible for a course refund, please provide five working days’ notice before the course begins. To learn more, click here

Rent a Safety Advisor.

Tailored Services to Meet Your Health and Safety Needs

All companies are required to have a clear and well-planned health and safety program. However, some companies don’t have the resources to hire a full time safety officer. Or have the time to dedicate to the health and safety program. Our safety experts can help you. Our tailor-made solutions are specific and unique to your company’s needs.

Example of services we can assist with:

  • Developing policies
  • Conducting hazard assessments
  • Developing safe work practices and procedures
  • Establishing and conducting training on the company standards
  • Holding safety meetings
  • Incident Investigation program set-up, training, and monitoring
  • Preparing for an external audit required to receive Certificate of Recognition
  • Establishing modified programs to reduce the LTC rate 


Service Cost

Our service costs can’t be beat. Contact Us to learn more about our unique approach.

$400.00 / 7.5 hour workday