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New Crane & Rigging Program Course Structure for 2018!

Tue, 2018-02-13 11:29

The  MHSA Overhead Crane Operator program has a NEW look for 2018!. It consists of  three 1-Day courses that run on consecutive days. Workers can take the number of courses they require for the type of rigging and lifting they do. There is a single Overhead Crane Operator binder that is brought to each course, where content materials are added, and where the worker can add site-specific material to build their own personalized reference book.

  1. The Basic Rigging course is for workers that will be rigging symmetrical loads.
  2. The Overhead Crane Operator – Standard course is for workers that have completed the Basic rigging course and will be lifting symmetrical loads.
  3. The Overhead Crane Operator-Advanced course is for workers that have completed the Standard course and will be rigging and lifting non-symmetrical loads, turning a load over, or making dual crane lifts
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