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Is COR associated with lower firm-level injury rates?

Mon, 2018-06-18 13:45

“The effectiveness of COR certification was largest in the Manufacturing sector and for the MHSA audit.”

Why is this?  

It was determined that one explanation for this may be that the working environment is static and it is easier to implement and improve OSHMS compared to more dynamic changing working environments associated with other industry sectors (Construction, Forestry/Agriculture, or Oil and Gas).

The above information was established due to a research study conducted by Dr. Christopher McLeod. In 2016, the Alberta Ministry of Labour, with the Occupational Health and Safety Futures Program funded the examination of Alberta’s Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. The study’s hypothesis, was to evaluate if “the COR audit process is effective at identifying “good” OHS practices, then COR-certified firms will be associated with lower injury rates compared to similar non-certified firms.”

For more information please review the Research Brief.

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